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It’s the summer of 2076. The PCs have escaped the racist oppression of Nashville to find themselves in Alchatorus, a small seaside port owned by the Horizons corps in the California Free State. The world is open to them. The shadows are full of jobs for those willing to do the dirty work.

The Rules
The campaign is formatted as an open world. The runs are intended to expand in possibilities as they are continued. Every adventure log entry is run. All the adventure log entries will hopefully run together as an unbroken narrative.

A run is in a “call and response” format in which the gamemaster describes the scene to the PCs and then they react to it. When necessary, players roll initiative.

History for the Unread (Copied from some Blogosphere know-it-all):
Chummers, if you are reading this, you must be bored because this is the drek you grew up with. Its like a history of your terrible life replayed in front of your eyes. There’s the viruses, the metacorporations, the awakening, the fucking matrix. All this stuff swirls into existence and completely uproots the wonderful world at the turn of the century.

Well, the year is 2075, most of you have made peace with the changes, but here they are in brief if you so choose self-torture and meditate on the past some more. First, it was the metacorporations. They gained military precedence by law (yeah, that was somebody’s stupid idea). The corporations had personal militaries, not just armed guards. Of course these blew up into localized and privatized police forces such as Lone Star, those wonderful dandies from Texas who protect us by killing us. Well, once those metacorps got there armies, they monopolized the world. Although they are a few small corps, the reality is that the five metacorps in existence are it, and they ceaselessly vie for control of the world (what it is they hope to gain is beyond me).

A mix a viruses and genetic expressions both killed and changed more than half the world’s popoulation. VITAS was an epidemic that hit twice killing 25% of the world’s population. During the Awakening, babies were born with what was tabbed Unexplained Genetic Expression. So, all that means is elves and dwarfs. Parents, not the babies, were shitting their pants over this one. Of course, the other third of this nightmare was goblinization. Remember, the stories, these were normal human adults who just turned into orks and trolls, a troublesome realtiy for most. Anyway people soon got over their differences. Now we shoot first and ask questions later.

At the turn of the century most people only new one reality. Now it seems there are three. The world of the “normal” (this paradigm is quickly losing foundation). The world of the Matrix. And the world of the Awakened. In other words, those with no special abilities live in the world of the “normal”. Those who are attuned to the Matrix travel the net living their lives in a world of logic and grids. And those who have been awakened and find fireballs emitting from their fingers. Whether this is lucky or not is up to the individual.

Dragons, turf wars, metacreatures in the wilderness, racism, spirit beatles—it’s all just a symptom of our world, or whatever screwed up existence this is. You’ve seen the news I won’t bore you with the details.

Here we are somewhere coastside in the California Free State. The dynamic of interests involves corps turf wars, black markets run by the Triads, free agent pirates, and upset spirits in the wilderness. Having recently chosen a fresh start, the PCs will begin forming their own destiny.

Home Page

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