Alchatorus and Beyond

The Boo Radleys

Diantha and Vo stay the night in Horizon’s Extended Stay high rise. Back at the crates, Arturo gets it on with an ork he met in the bar. Samuel is nowhere to be found.

As the ork is getting ready to leave Arturo, he quickly convinces her to invite him to her place for the night. Arturo thinks: “I earned my way into that bed.”

Diantha and Vo wake up and walk down to the docks under a bright sunny sky. The ocean breeze is both warm and salty. They are to the docks by 7:30 looking for Arturo, Samuel, and eventually Carlos. Eventually, Diantha just comm links Arturo. She gets the first of many annoying voice messages from Arturo. Diantha and Vo find Carlos who inquires where the rest of their team is. Arturo shows up just in time to meet Carlos, but Samuel is nowhere to be seen.

As Carlos gets insistent about the missing mage, Arturo holds a gun to his head while Diantha says, “Why don’t you just calm down there ‘Peg Leg Pete’.” He isn’t sure if he should be offended. Diantha quickly catches herself and says, “Personally, I find peg legs really sexy.” Carlos laughs and shakes his leg (which is quite normal). Carlos invites them up on the Baja Brawler a Joergensen frieghter and introduces them to his crew that call themselves the Boo Radleys.

As the Baja Brawler makes way, a pirate catches the attention of Diantha and she introduces herself to him. She quickly learns this pirates name is Juan and that he is leading a mutiny. He tries to convert her to his cause.

The PCs discuss the their situation. Do they side with Juan’s mutiny? Do they stay loyal to their commitment with Carlos? Do they rat out the mutiny to Carlos or just let events play out? Ultimately, the group does not come to a cohesive decision. Diantha talks to Carlos about the possible mutiny. Vo investigates on her own. And Arturo finds himself a compatriot in one of the female pirates.

The group has a meeting to determine their final action. At this point Samuel shows up out of nowhere announcing that “Invisibility makes me really sleepy”. Even after further discussion, the group decides to stay the course and perform their roles as part of Carlos’ crew.

When the ship beaches, the pirates begin setting up for their assault. Vo takes off with a few other pirates to invade the fortress secretly from the backside. Diantha joins Carlos as a spokesperson hoping that they can settle this matter of territory without bloodshed. Samuel follows along invisibly. Arturo stays on the boat against orders and just sits around. Vo and the other infiltrators are able to successfully infiltrate up the cliff side and into the back door of the hideout. Although there is a question of strategy, Vo takes off by herself. Diantha and Carlos are invited inside to meet Captain Lewis. Once inside, they are prepared to parley with the Captain, but she throws them off guard by offering the a seat in a birthday feast to her ancient ancestor Sarah Lewis. Carlos quickly returns to the matter at hand. Unfortunately, this leads to quick tempers. All the pirates jump up from their seats and storm outside to fight the Boo Radleys. Meanwhile, Diantha and Samuel have disappeared under Samuel’s invisibility spell and cower in a corner; and Vo has a surprise run in with Captain Lewis and her bodyguards. Arturo has decided just stealing the Boo Radleys ship is the best thing for him to do.

Next Time
Will Arturo get away with a whole pirate ship? Does Vo survive her encounter? When will Samuel ever stop being invisible?



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