Alchatorus and Beyond

Escape to the West Coast


The PCs arrive at the Funiculars hideout. Chrys, one of the Funicular operatives, describes the predicament that the PCs are in. They are inexplicably in Nashville avoiding the racist authority figures and trying to make a name for themselves. Chrys informs them that their arrival in Nashville was part of a scheme created by Neonet. The corps is kidnapping shadowrunners from across the country and planting them in the south. After the shadowrunners establish themselves, the corps plans to finagle the shadowrunners into helping the corps gain a cyberware market in the Confederate American States. Chrys tells the PCs that she can offer them a place to rest for the night, some food, and a couple of options for their future. The PCs agree to take rest and respite and hear Chrys’ offer in the morning. Arturo gets the hot for Chrys, but his rude manners are rewarded by her disappearing right in front of his eyes.

The PCs take their rest but agree to take turns sitting up. They do not trust the Funiculars yet.


In the morning the PCs gather with Chrys. She informs them that the Funiculars can provide them with help in two ways.

  1. If the PCs choose to stay in Nashville, the Funiculars could use their talents as part of their anti-racist activist movement. The Funiculars will reward the PCs with basic supplies and occasional compensation. Chrys emphasizes that any compensation would be minimal because the Funiculars funnel as many resources as possible to their cause.
  2. If the PCs want to leave the city, the Funiculars can hide them in an black market arms shipment. They would arrive somewhere on the west coast in the California Free State.
    The PCs have one hour to decide before the shipment gets prepared.

The four decide to take on an unknown future in in the California Free State and trust that Chrys is not lying to them about this opportunity. Chrys explains the details of the plan while Arturo is trying to remind the other three of how similar this is to a plan they all shot down in the past. The Funiculars are scheduled to sale off some excess arms on the black market. A few of those crates will be occupied by the PCs. Diantha wonders, of course, if they will be found. Chrys explains that after approximately 8hrs. they should arrive on the coast in the hands of pirates. They are to wait until they believe they are on land and break out of their boxes. Once free of captivity. Chrys explains that they are likely to land at one of Horizon’s small ports where they will be able to find a recruiting office for the corps, a possibility for small-time work. The PCs dose up with a depressant to calm their nerves and prepare for the 10 hour journey. While getting in his box Samuel says, “Let’s get out of the Confederate States of These Nuts.”

The PCs awake and upon peeking out of their box find themselves still on board a ship and with daylight falling through the port holes. They decide to get back in their boxes and wait until they feel like they have been moved portside.

Arturo steps out of his box with confidence. Vo peeks out of hers and gets out blending in to the shadows. Samuel turns invisible and then steps out. But Diantha stays, waiting. Just before Arturo starts railing on her crate, Diantha sneaks out. They are all casting furtive glances and peering in to the shadows looking for any signs of threat. Two well-armed, well-scared orks walk up and with heavy grunts inquire why the groups is standing there. Diantha quickly uses her charm to talk them away.

Their comm units pull up a layout of the town called Alchatorous. Its built on a stairstepped hillside right down to the water front. A large pier runs between the water and the town. And warehouses populate most of the portside. Looking around, the group notices a lively seaside bar. A crowd stands out front milling, drinking, smoking highlighted by a flashing neon sign that reads “Ar u A irate!” Thinking to gather some local information and work the four head to the bar. Vo sneaks out of the shadows and Samuel inconspicuously reappears. Inside the bar as they are ordering drinks, an ork by the name of Captain Carlos introduces himself and buys their drinks. Next, he has a proposal. He is looking for a few extra crew members to help him settle a turf war on the following day. After discussing the details and bartering with Diantha, the group agrees to help for 200 nuyen each, share in the spoils, and future work.

Arturo wanders off to hit on the hot ladies in the bar. Diantha says, “Whatever, you go and get laid,” while her and Vo decide on sleeping accommodations. Samuel decides to join Diantha and Vo.

Next Time
Will they pirate job be everything they hoped? Will they survive it? Are there other opportunities for them in Alchatorus? Is this a better situation than Nashville?



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